Monday, June 18, 2012


I came across this website today. I really wanted to do my day-by-day devotional book, but as I was reading - nothing jumped out at me. I just couldn't get into it. So, I did a little searching and found two awesome sites. One is devotions just for teachers (I plan on looking more at this one once the school year starts, but the lady who posts is taking some time off for the summer), and the other is this one:

Girlfriends in God

How awesome is this site?? Just go look for yourself!! What I love about it is that it gives a brief message,  a prayer, and then some questions on which to reflect. Perfect for me! It's just what I was looking for. And lo and behold - even more perfect - today's message was about my favorite place in the world: the beach. I think God had a role having me stumble upon this today! :)

As Sharon, the blogger who wrote this post says, the beach is one of God's greatest and special treasures. There is so much in every grain of sand, in every wave that rolls in and then out again, in each shell. Her post is beautiful - she paints an amazing picture of the coastline in the morning. I can only wait in anticipation until I can enjoy a cup of coffee while listening to the songs of the sea. Hopefully I will get a chance to do that this summer! But what astounded me, something that I have not put much thought into, is His [REALLY] greatest gift - the Cross.

Sure, it's simple - two wooden beams. It's plain - nothing but wood and a few nails. Yet at the same time, it's strong and sturdy. It's more than just wood and nails. It's a symbol of who Jesus was and what Jesus did for us. What a beautiful symbol?!

The prayer taken from the post is as follows. I wouldn't normally post someone else's entire prayer, but I want to because I don't think I could say it any better for my thoughts as I read this post:

"Dear Heavenly Father, thank You for the cross. Through the finished work of Jesus on those two simple beams of wood, You have given me eternal life. I pray I will never forget Jesus’ incredible sacrifice. Yes, the world may think the cross is foolish, but it represents the power of God through the gospel of Christ.
In Jesus’ Name,Amen." 

Now, what's even more awesome about this site are the questions for reflection - this is the part that I love most about devotions - it gives me time and forces me to think about the message...
  1. What does the Cross mean to you?  You know, I have a tattoo of a cross on my left wrist. I purposely got the cross on my left wrist for the same reason they say you wear a wedding band on your left ring finger - because there is a vein there that goes straight to your heart. I got this tattoo as a constant reminder that God is always. He is constant. He is in my blood. He is in my heart. Along with the cross on my wrist, I have three small dots. To me the dots mean a myriad of things: of course, the Trinity. My siblings - my sister, brother, and me. Faith, hope, and love. I've heard that Jesus had to walk up three stairs to get to the cross - not sure if that is accurate, but I like the symbolism of it. So, there you have it - what the Cross means to me - it means a lot. It is a reminder of God and who He is and who He is in my life. I've never once regretted getting that tattoo. 
  2. How would I explain the Cross to someone who doesn't know Christ? Besides what I said above, I would also explain the Cross to someone as the bridge from our mortal life to that of an eternal life with Christ. A good friend, Beth, I think - showed me an analogy once that described the Cross as a bridge. How do we "get" to the Lord - we use the Cross - the bridge. Once we understand what Jesus did for us, and symbolism of the Cross - it makes the idea of it being a bridge so much easier to "get". 
  3. Why is the message of the Cross called the Power of God? I believe this is because everything is God's doing - He is always ten steps ahead of us. He knows what we will do, think, say, before it even crosses our minds. He knew the Cross would hold special meaning. The Cross is a symbol of Jesus and what He did for us, of God, of the Holy Spirit. With the Cross, the bridge, COMES the Power of God. In order to understand the Power of God, we must first accept the Cross and cross that bridge. 
  4. Have you ever felt that God placed something right before you as a gift or reminder of His presence? Ha, this cracks me up because if you've read my previous posts you know that I see these signs that God gives me at the most random places and times and situations! Just like today - He placed something as cheesy as this website before me. But oh! How thankful I am! 
Thank you Lord for constantly showing me little signs! From the Cross, to the beauty of a beach, to a simple website - it's always a great reminder that You are here with me. 

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