Thursday, August 16, 2012

Simply Stated: I "heart" MY JOB.

Today was the second day of my 7th year as a teacher. I have 180 7th graders. I am a teacher.

I could go on and on about all that we do, the days we spend planning and grading lessons and homework, the nasty emails we sometimes get from parents, the amount we get paid, how much money I spend out of pocket.... And sure I can boast that I have summers off and holiday breaks, and only "work" from 7-3. 

But sure enough, what I'd rather tell you is...
  • how I make it a goal of mine to know EACH of my students' names by day three - and I usually succeed. Shows them I VALUE each and every one of them as their own.
  • that every once in a while a parent email comes through that is POSITIVE and tells me how I make a difference or help their student - and it resonates for weeks. Makes all the bad emails worth it for just ONE awesome one. 
  • that I cannot explain the JOY I have when the students and I get completely off the subject and instead share stories of our personal lives - and I can remember that they are only 12/13 and still just KIDS. I can relive my own MEMORIES through them. 
  • it's a BLESSING to go to work for 180 days and know that each day will be different and fun and unexpected. FLEXIBILITY is key. 
  • that my job may not supply me with the best technology but that it does supply me with joy, freedom to teach, respect, gratitude, and the chance to meet 180 UNIQUE individuals. Everyone brings something DIFFERENT to the class. 
  • that you don't become a teacher to get RICH with money. But that you end up so much richer in ways that really matter because of the STUDENTS.
  • it's so cool to be able to create unique lessons that represent US and show our students who WE are as individuals. Let us be their ROLE MODEL. 
  • that over the summer I only HOPE to bump into students because I miss them. They make my life BRIGHTER. 
  • that I ADMIRE and look up to my students. I only hope I TEACH them as much as they teach me. 
I found this prayer for teachers online - no one claims to have written it - but it really stuck with me. It pretty much sums up what I want from this school year. 

Lord, guide me to be a teacher who impacts my students in a positive, loving way. Let them look at me and have them find your glory. 

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