Sunday, January 6, 2013

New Year - Same old me

I wish I could have titled this, "New Year, New Me", but in reality I'm still just the same person.

I wish I was more confident in who I am at this moment, and I'm only down on myself because looking back at this past year, I wish I would have done more -

  • done more with my life in terms of my relationships with loved ones and friends
  • more with my life in terms of professionally and my career
  • more in my life in terms of what I want to accomplish like writing a book and blogging more and selling crafts
  • and of course more in my life in terms of my relationship with Christ
I have a "to blog about" list sitting right here next to me, and my hope is to get to that sometime this week....we will see....

Why am I not taking more time right now to blog???? Well, that's simple - I start work again tomorrow after having 18 days off - and I need all the sleep I can get at the moment before my life begins to revolve around 180 7th graders.   :)

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