Monday, January 9, 2012

"January 6th": Reminders

Ah....I always love to be reminded of things...NOT. My stubborn pride keeps me from admitting I'm wrong...even if I truly forgot something. Yes, I know - it's something I need to work on. A lot. What a sin it is to hold on to stubbornness and pride.

(Lord, I pray that you help me to overcome my need to always be right. Help me to open my heart and my eyes to my faults so that I can work on correcting my ways.)

"We are wise to remind one another never to forget who we are and never to forget who we're not."

Sheesh. Beth Moore makes everything sound so easy. :)

Well, I'm going to take this message and go ahead and just do it. I'd love for anyone out there to do the same. As it's up to us to remind one another!

Who we ARE:
we are God's children
we are sinners
we are sinners who have been given another chance
we are perfect in His eyes
we are loved
we are indebted
we are life
we are usually wrong more often than we are right
we are the past, present, and future
we are forgiven
we are given choice

Who we are NOT:
we are not God
we are not perfect
we are not humbled
we are not forced
we are not the way
we are not the answer
we are not defeated

(What's interesting is that it was so easy for me to list all that we ARE, and I had a harder time coming up with things we are NOT. Just sayin'...) God is good.

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